A study that was recently published in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry concluded that CBD for weight loss was indeed more than a dream. Korean scientists studied the effects of CBD on immature fat cells, also known as preadipocytes. Their findings were remarkable: CBD helped to stimulate the breakdown of fat, increase the body’s natural calorie-burning ability, and lower the number of proteins involved in fat cell generation. How? By converting fat tissue that is white in colour to beige-coloured fat tissue, which burns fat. This process is also known as “fat-browning.” Past studies conducted on animals found that increasing the amount of beige fat helped them become more glucose tolerant, which in turn made them more resistant to Diabetes and other blood lipid problems.

So how can you use CBD for weight loss? Depending on your preference, CBD comes in a variety of forms, including tinctures, capsules, vape/e-juices, edibles, creams, and CBD-infused water too! Of course, it’s important to start small, and begin your CBD regimen with the lowest dosage listed on the product’s instructions. Over time, you can increase your dose little by little until you feel like you have achieved the right dose. It can take a few weeks until the effects of CBD are felt throughout the body, so patience is a virtue. In addition to suppressing your appetite, taking CBD regularly can positively benefit your heart and your mood, keeping you calm and healthy while the pounds shed off. There are still studies taking place as you read this, finding additional benefits of adding CBD to a diet. It brings the body to homeostasis, or a balanced state, so it can reduce the appetite in patients who need to lose weight, while helping aid patients who need to put on weight to eat more. Try CBD out for yourself and make note of how much better you feel!

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