CBD Living Tincture 1500mg


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CBD Living Tinctures are a great foray into the world of CBD. The convenient freedom of dosing allows the consumer to begin with smaller doses of CBD and increase as required. The 1500mg tincture offers consumers the highest CBD concentration and may be more suited to experienced individuals and medicinal CBD users.

CBD Living Tinctures are easy to dose with the included 1 mL dropper. They are formulated with CBD Living’s nano-CBD technology to increase bioavailability and improve absorption.

CBD Living Tinctures are vegan friendly and come in an oil-based solution.
CBD Living Tinctures are great for reducing pain and inflammation, curbing nausea and improving mood. They can also be added into food or drink if desired.

Ingredients include:

  • Full-spectrum nano-CBD
  • Organic MCT oil


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